Asbestos Awareness Training

Annual Asbestos Awareness Training For:  Maintenance Workers, School Custodians, Restoration Contractors, Abatement Workers, Electricians,  Roofing Contractors, Flooring Contractors, Painters, Demolition Workers, Shipyard Workers, and more. Annual Asbestos Awareness Training may be a requirement for your employees.

If you need Asbestos Awareness Training and you know it, please call our training office at 253-238-0519, or use the contact form and one of our trainers will be in-touch with you shortly.

If you are unsure if your facility is required to provide Asbestos Awareness Training, please see this fact sheet from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

  • Northwest Response Instructors can provide Asbestos Awareness Training for groups as small as 10, and as large as 50 attendees.
  • The Minimum fee is $550.00 per class within 50 miles of Gig Harbor, Washington.  That covers the first ten (ten) attendees.
  • For large groups call our training department
    p. 253-238-0519, or drop us an email

Asbestos is everywhere in our older buildings.  The asbestos manufacturing industry found a way of using the asbestos mineral in over 3000 products, from building materials to insulation products.  Chances are that if you are working in a facility that was built before 1990 you have asbestos lurking about, and you probably know it.

If you know that your facility has asbestos; “Asbestos Awareness Training” is requiredby the Washington State Department of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH) for all employees working on a job site that currentlycontains or hascontained asbestos.

WAC-296-62-07722 is the standard for Asbestos Awareness Training.  The topics covered by our instructors can be found below.  A Full Copy of the standard can be found here

Class IV asbestos work (maintenance and custodial work in buildings containing asbestos-containing materials).
(i) Employers must provide at least two hours of training with curriculum and training methods equivalent to the awareness training course developed by the EPA.
(ii) Training must include:
Available information concerning the location of PACM, ACM, asbestos-containing flooring materials or flooring materials where the absence of asbestos has not been certified,
Instruction on how to recognize damaged, deteriorated, and delimitation of asbestos containing building materials, and
All of the minimum elements of subsection (5) of this section.

(5.)  The training program must be conducted in a manner which the employee is able to understand.  The employer must ensure that each employee is informed of the following:

(a)  The health effects associated with asbestos exposure;
(b)  The relationship between smoking and exposure to asbestos producing lung cancer;
(c)  Methods of recognizing asbestos and quantity, location, manner of use, release (including the requirements of WAC 296-62-07721 (1)(c) and (2)(b) to presume certain building materials contain asbestos), and storage of asbestos and the specific nature of operations which could result in exposure to asbestos;
(d)  The engineering controls and work practices associated with the employee’s job assignment;
(e)  The specific procedures implemented to protect employees from exposure to asbestos, such as appropriate work practices, housekeeping procedures, hygiene facilities, decontamination procedures, emergency and clean-up procedures (including where Class III and IV work is performed, the contents “Managing Asbestos In Place” (EPA 20T-2003, July 1990) or its equivalent in content), personal protective equipment to be used, waste disposal procedures, and any necessary instructions in the use of these controls and procedures;
(f)  The purpose, proper use, and limitations of protective clothing;
(g)  The purpose and a description of the medical surveillance program required by WAC 296-62-07725;
(h)  The content of this standard, including appendices;
(i)  The names, addresses and phone numbers of public health organizations which provide information, materials, and/or conduct programs concerning smoking cessation.  The employer may distribute the list of such organizations contained in Appendix I, to comply with this requirement;
(j)  The requirements for posting signs and affixing labels and the meaning of the required legends for such signs and labels; and
(k)  The purpose, proper use, limitations, and other training requirements for respiratory protection as required by chapter 296-842 WAC (see WAC 296-842-11005, 296-842-16005, and 296-842-19005).

(6) The employer must also provide, at no cost to employees who perform housekeeping operations in a facility which contains ACM or PACM, an asbestos awareness training course to all employees who are or will work in areas where ACM and/or PACM is present who work in buildings containing asbestos-containing materials, which must, at a minimum, contain the following elements:

  • Health effects of asbestos,
  • Locations of ACM and PACM in the building/facility,
  • Recognition of ACM and PACM damage and deterioration,
  • Requirements in this standard relating to housekeeping, and
  • Proper response to fiber release episodes.

Each such employee must be so trained at least once a year.

(7) Access to information and training materials.

(a) The employer must make a copy of this standard and its appendices readily available without cost to all affected employees.
(b) The employer must provide, upon request, all materials relating to the employee information and training program to the director.
(c) The employer must inform all employees concerning the availability of self-help smoking cessation program material. Upon employee request, the employer must distribute such material, consisting of NIH Publication No. 89-1647, or equivalent self-help material, which is approved or published by a public health organization listed in Appendix I, WAC 296-62-07751.